Badass Cowboy Disarms Robber in Mexico


Situational awareness is a critical skill to posses. Especially today. You don’t need to be a nervous wreck whenever you’re in public, but don’t be completely oblivious to everything – and everyone – around you. Yes, you may have to go a while without staring at your cell phone, but you’ll be okay. Besides, in the event something goes sideways in your general location, you stand a much better chance of coming out unscathed if you can avoid being caught off guard. Watch how an older gentleman – who clearly has some training under his belt – handles the situation when an armed robber attempts to hold up a butcher/convenience store:

Now, I guess technically you could say this guy was caught off guard here, but notice how fast he takes back control of the situation and breaks down everything going on around him. Within seconds of the gunman producing a handgun from under his navy hoodie, this badass cowboy already started formulating his plan to counter attack.

Also, for what it’s worth, the hooded individual will only have possession of said hoodie for another 20 seconds or so..

Check it out:

That’s probably not how the robber drew that up in his mind..

This guy brought a gun AND knife with him into the store that day, so he must have been anticipating the possibility of a close-quarters fight, but that just goes to show the importance of self defense training and how effective it can be in these scenarios. Did you see that move when he disarmed the gunman of his firearm? That takes a lot of practice to pull off, and is even more difficult when tension is high like that.

Also, kudos to the butcher who slides in at the end – Kramer-style – and choke slams the now shirtless robber, pinning him down on top of the metal shopping carts at the front of the store.

Way to go fellas!

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