At Last, After Week-Long Hunt, Jay Cutler Finally Found His Chickens’ Attacker


We have watched several times in the past as people have had to go to battle to protect their backyard chickens from predators, and former NFL quarterback Jay Cutler’s recent woodland war has been quite entertaining lately.

The 37-year-old Cutler revealed his situation on his Instagram story, and how he was dealing with some kind of mystery predator with a sinister taste for the chickens he had roaming his property in Tennessee. Without any trace evidence as to what he was dealing with, Cutler took action hoping to get to the bottom of whatever was tormenting his chickens.

He blamed his cat. He appointed a rooster as head of security. He took a poll asking fans to guess the animal responsible. He installed cameras and a series of traps. Heck, Christensen Arms even sent him some backup. In all, Cutler has posted 22 times on Instagram sharing updates about his hunt, but has yet to determine a top suspect. Until now..

“I’m being taunted, mocked and outwitted by a small animal,” Cutler wrote in a post after the mystery predator once again broke in and sidestepped his traps and cameras. “Only one option left.”

In a last-ditch effort, Cutler took the gun he received from Christensen Arms and posted up in a treestand all night with night vision goggles sitting in wait for the culprit to make another attempt at raiding his chicken coop.

And boom goes the dynamite!

The culprit: a raccoon – it has yet to be determined if the little critter was working alone or not. For Jay’s sanity, though, lets hope this was the final chapter in this saga.

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