Lost Dog Rescued Nearly 4 Miles Offshore in Lake Michigan


A family in west Michigan has some good karma coming their way after rescuing a dog nearly four miles offshore in Lake Michigan while out on a boating trip.

According to WOOD-TV, the family was about eight hours into their 12 hour boat trip from Grand Haven to Frankfort when Jeannie Wilcox said she noticed a “red animal” swimming in the water and started screaming, ‘dog in the water!'”

They worked together to get the dog onto the swim platform on the back of the boat and dried her off, Wilcox told WOOD-TV.

“We brought her up on our swim platform really easily. We dried her off. She was obviously scared and cold,” she explained.

Wilcox estimates the dog had been swimming in the water for at least an hour before the family miraculously crossed paths with her. She said once the dog was on board, they traveled another 4 hours to Belmont to have the dog’s microchip scanned. The owners were eventually located and reunited with their dog.

“I just hope that if this was my dog, somebody would do the same for me,” Wilcox said. “I would just be very grateful, happy because I know how rough Lake Michigan can be.”

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