Sierra Bullets Acquires Famed Western Bullet Maker, Barnes Bullets


In a move that, by all accounts, further cements the brand as a leader in premium bullets and ammunition, Sierra Bullets has acquired “certain assets” involving Barnes Bullets. Barnes were previously part of the Remington Arms family of companies, and with Remington’s recent bankruptcy proceedings, Sierra Bullets was selected as the successor for Barnes. The press release mentions Barnes’ comprehensive lead-free, all copper offering of premium component bullets and ammunition as well as brand names like the VOR-TX and the TAC-XPD.

According to the release below, Barnes will continue to be based in Mona, Utah.

MONA, Utah — October 2nd, 2020 — Sierra Bullets, L.L.C., the Bulletsmiths®, a dedicated manufacturer of one of the highest‐quality, most accurate bullets in the world, has acquired certain assets relating to the Barnes Bullets brand of specialty hunting bullets.

Sierra Bullets Acquires Famed Western Bullet Maker

Founded in 1932 and headquartered in the Rocky Mountains just outside of Mona, Utah since 1967, Barnes is an industry leader in manufacturing environmentally sound, lead‐free bullets. Known for its superior quality, terminal performance and accuracy, Barnes enjoys an almost cult like following among western big game hunters, shooters, and handloaders.

We are super excited and honored for the opportunity to be working with the Barnes Brand. Our strategy is to be the leader in specialty premium bullets and ammunition, and Barnes adds an additional uniquely positioned “Super Fan” brand to the Sierra portfolio,” said Keith Enlow, President of Sierra Bullets. “We want to let the industry and Barnes’ consumers know we are devoted to ensuring the quality of Barnes products, and understand the importance of continuity.  We are committed to Barnes’ wonderful employees and the people of Mona, Utah where the brand is based and will continue to operate.

The acquisition of Barnes presents multiple strategic and financial benefits, most notably the addition of a stand-alone brand featuring a comprehensive lead‐free, all copper offering of premium component bullets and ammunition. Industry leading ammunition products such as the VOR-TX and TAC-XPD will continue to be a primary focus for the brand, in addition to further developing and innovating Barnes’ award-winning line of component hunting and target bullets.

“Barnes is the innovator and leader in lead-free, copper bullets — providing unmatched terminal performance, accuracy and dependability for hunters, shooters, and heroes on the frontlines protecting our nation” Enlow continued.  “Our plan is to invest in and grow the Barnes brand as the category leader in premium bullets and ammunition, right here in the great state of Utah.”

Sierra Bullets Acquires Famed Western Bullet Maker

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