Black Bear Spotted ‘Checking the Deals’ at Meijer in Northern Michigan


You know what they say; it’s hard to pass up a good deal when you find one. Well, apparently a black bear sniffed one out a Meijer in northern Michigan.

Shoppers said they spotted the animal in the parking lot of a Meijer near Traverse City, Michigan. Residents in the area were alarmed and told via the Grand Traverse 911 Facebook page that officials with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources were on the way to avoid the bear.

But by the time the DNR arrived, the bear had already skipped town.

“Units were unable to locate the suspect. You could say they “bearly” missed him,” the Grand Traverse 911 account wrote.

The MDNR website says black bears are typically most active after daylight.

The DNR also explains how black bears are “shy, elusive animals, who usually flee when encountered, and are generally not a threat to humans. With that said, of course, bears are very large and very powerful animals who have been known to fatally attack if they are protecting themselves or their young.

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