Big Lake, Minn. – Ice fishing oldsters – basically anyone in their late 30s or greyer – are familiar with the PBS program The Electric Company. Typically, it followed the eternal educational program ‘Sesame Street’ and kept fertile minds feeding for another half hour. Well, the show still lives, but to the grownup fishing fanatic, The Electric Company now represents StrikeMaster’s highly conductive series of electric augers. And new to the electrifyingly powerful family for 2011-12 is the Big Volt Electric™.

The idea for the Big Volt Electric was catalyzed by demand for an electric auger that had the size and RPMs to power holes inside permanent and wheeled fish houses. StrikeMaster’s original Electra Lazer is a legend in its own time, and packs a wallop, but ice anglers kept asking for more power.

The smokeless Big Volt Electric churns like a power plant yielding 90 RPMs with a 50:1 gear ratio. Not only is that enough juice to tunnel through fresh ice, but also fortified to re-drill frozen holes. Beyond the electrical storm of power, the second part of the one-two punch for re-drilling holes is StrikeMaster’s new and innovative Two Step Steel Blade Design. The staggered blades cut and shove ice unlike any other electric auger on the pond.

StrikeMaster Pro Staff Gary Roach, a lightening rod to walleyes, talks up the Big Volt Electric’s proficiencies. “Moving around the ice to find fish is all good but when you’re on ’em, you’re really on ’em,” said the legend who basically wrote the book on locating key structures that produce volumes of fish. “When I find one of those honey holes, it’s time to set camp with a hard house. The Big Volt Electric lets me drill out the first set of holes without the fumes. And more importantly, when I come back to fish the spot the next day, I can reopen the iced over holes with ease.”

The mighty machine is solidified with VANDAR™ Long Filament High Impact Handles. They keep the overall weight in check, while providing the sturdiest of structures to clutch with your choppers. New lighter weight Polymer Gear Castings also contribute to its leanness and meanness.

The Big Volt Electric is available in two ice eating sizes: 8.25-inch and 10.25-inch drill diameters. Both models come with a generous 12-foot battery cable to reach those holes tucked way back in the corner of the shanty. You know, those hot holes.

The Electric Company is now broadcasting on a frozen waterway near you. Tune in, turn the blades, and leave the fish in shock.

For information on StrikeMaster’s full line of ice augers and gear, and a 2011 catalog, contact StrikeMaster Corp., 17217 198th Avenue, Big Lake, MN 55309. Phone is (763)263-8999. Or email us at . Website is

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