Crystal Bay, Minn. November 8, 2011 – Fish On Kids Books is pleased to announce that the fourth book in the series will be released December 1st. The chapter book, targeted for kids ages eight to 12, is entitled Duck, Duck Deuce and celebrates the adventures of Gus Roberts over the Fourth of July.

Excited for the summer holiday, Gus can’t wait for all the on-the-water fun that goes along with being at the lake. A new friend arrives to share the adventures of campfires and s’mores–a mysterious German student named Kat. The whole clan arrives for fireworks by boat on Excelsior Bay and adventures turn up at St. John’s Abbey in Collegeville. Cousin Deuce kicks up the dust again and the yellow Labrador retriever, Quick, starts everything off with a thrill.

“The story continues into the heart of the summer,” shared author K.J. Houtman about the latest fictional adventure book. “A Whirlwind Opener, book number one, kicks off the series in early May during the fishing opener in Minnesota. Each book takes us a little further into the calendar year. My goal is to write an entire year’s worth of outdoor fun, with more hunting themed stories in the fall and ice fishing in the winter.”

“The kids love the books, and so do I,” shared Wisconsin social worker Susan Baumann-Duren, who purchased the first three books for the Sauk Prairie School District last spring. “They are spot-on for what we’re looking for in our school system to help steer kids toward healthy lifestyles. They’re a great fit for the cultural connection on fishing, camping and hunting—that’s Wisconsin.” One of the fourth grade teachers in the same school district agrees—Joel Liedtke.

“The students and I just love Gus’ adventures,” shared Liedtke, who uses the books during read aloud time in his classroom. “Each student can relate to the characters, settings, and journeys in one way or another, and the bully situation gives us lots of great conversation and life lessons to discuss.”

Set on Lake Minnetonka and throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin, the chapter books focus on the coming of age adventures of 11-year-old Gus Roberts. “This book celebrates a summer holiday at the lake,” continued Houtman. “It also deals with the one family member that likes to stir up trouble during family gatherings. Cousin Deuce, who appeared briefly in the third book Spare the Rod, is back big time in Duck, Duck Deuce.

“We love the books ourselves, and our nephew Lane really relates well to Gus. Lane loves to fish, hunt and trap with his whole family,” shared Stephen and Brenda Picht from Grand Rapids, Minnesota.  “We are all eagerly awaiting the fourth book to enjoy Gus’ latest adventures and fun.” The Picht family plans to purchase additional sets to donate into local schools so that more kids can enjoy Gus’ adventures and get a glimpse into what lies outside their windows. The first three books include: A Whirlwind Opener, Driving Me Crazy and Spare the Rod.

For more information check out or contact K.J. Houtman at (612) 710-5584, or email:

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