Great Bend, KS – When hunting big game this season, deliver a deadly “sting” with the newest addition to the Magnus Stinger product line – the Killer Bee.

Designed specifically for the crossbow, the first in the new product line is the Stinger Killer Bee. Borrowing from the success of the original Stinger, the new Killer Bee  offers a non-vented knife-grade stainless steel main blade with a patented diamond tip for bone-splitting penetration. The ferrule is made from aircraft quality aluminum and spin-tested for perfect alignment. The Stinger Killer Bee is offered in 2-blade or 4-blade, and 100 or 125 grain.

Like the Stinger Killer Bee, the Stinger BuzzCut Killer Bee also incorporates a non-vented stainless steel main blade, but with a chiseled serration, delivering a deadly sting for greater blood trails and less time tracking game.

When asked why Magnus introduced a new line to the already successful Stinger and Stinger BuzzCut family, Mike Sohm, CEO, stated, “With the overwhelming national acceptance of crossbow hunting, we felt that we needed to engineer a broadhead that could withstand the punishment and the kinetic energy associated with crossbows. Because the blade is solid, the Stinger Killer Bee and the Stinger BuzzCut Killer Bee are so incredibly tough the Killer Bee broadhead will endure bone-splitting penetration at speeds upwards of 365 fps.”

Both the Stinger Killer Bee and the Stinger BuzzCut Killer Bee come in a 3-pack and the MSRP is $29.99 for either the 100 grain or the 125 grain. The 4-blade version also comes in a 3-pack at a MSRP of $34.99.

Like all Magnus Broadheads, it includes a lifetime replacement guarantee. Magnus Broadheads. You pick the spot. We got you covered.

For more information about Magnus Broadheads see your local retailer, contact customer service at 800-720-5341, or visit their website at

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