Public response sparks partnership renewal

KATY, Texas, November 14, 2011 – Igloo Products Corporation, the nation’s largest cooler manufacturer, completed its first year as a sponsor of FLW and its professional fishing circuits with record numbers of visitors at FLW events and Igloo coolers used by almost every pro angler. FLW held 191 events in 2011, including 10 FLW Tour events and the prestigious Forrest Wood Cup. With fields of 150 competitors or more and more than 500,000 event visitors during the course of the year, it is easily the largest celebration of competitive fishing in the nation.

According to Igloo marketing director, Sue Miller Payton, Igloo’s sponsorship was an asset to all involved. “Coolers are a key piece of equipment on any fishing trip. They keep food and drink cool and fresh,” she said. “Igloo provided coolers for competitors, installed a product display for visitors at many of the events and made sure that the ‘keep-your-food and drink’ message was delivered at every venue. It worked, people responded and we’re delighted with the results.”

“Our partnership with Igloo is a natural fit for both parties,” said Trish Blake, FLW’s President of Marketing. “Outdoor enthusiasts need reliable equipment and a name they can trust. Anglers of all ages have relied on the Igloo name for years, and the quality products they produce are used heavily by the demographic FLW reaches.”

Igloo’s association with FLW provided brand exposure, the opportunity to work with other sponsors, build strategic partnerships and reach the huge fishing community with product and information about storage and transport of perishables.

As part of its contribution to the events, Igloo’s product display introduced new products ideal for fishing, including Yukon by Igloo, DUO, Trend Softsides, RealTree, Marine Elite and Glide.

In addition to providing competitors with coolers, Igloo also provided the weigh-in tank, used at each competition to determine the winner, and staged a giveaway drawing for visitors. “We also signed up an enthusiastic new group of fishing Facebook fans,” said Payton, “and had a chance to discuss product design and use with some of the greatest fishing people in the country. Their advice will likely be used to help design the next generation of coolers for fishing and other outdoor activities,” Payton said. “We’re happy to have been a part of this year’s events and look forward to the second year of our sponsorship, beginning in February 2012.”

For further information about Igloo’s sponsorship of FLW, or about any other Igloo product or questions about the company, visit the company’s Web site at or contact Sue Miller Payton at

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