Shooting USA – The 20th Anniversary of the IRC 
It’s the International Revolver Championship from Moro Bay, California, with Jerry Miculek looking for win number 19. And with Mike Irvine reporting on how the top revolver shooters can reload so fast. Plus, The Industry Masters in Kentucky, the fun shooting weekend for the top executives in the firearms industry that does keep score to find the top teams, but nobody knows who’s winning until it’s over. And Julie Golob has another Pro Tip on competition shooting, this time on sighting in your pistol before you go out to compete.

Shooting USA’s Impossible Shots – Playing Ball
Xtreme Shooter Patrick Flanigan puts two of his favorite sports under the gun. First lob shots in tennis and then chips, slices, hooks and drives in golf. He’s got his “Master Blaster” Mossberg in the games to put some power in his shots. Plus, Compound Bow Master Randy Oitker takes his double arrow shots out to target distances he’s never tried before. It’s his version of a double arrow double tap. Rob Youngblood hosts our coverage of the world’s greatest exhibition shooters.

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