AUSTIN, TX – With the hunting season starting to fire up across the country, many hunters are using trail cameras to scout for “The Big One.” Capturing a photo of a buck is one thing, but being able to score him before you ever lay hands on him is something completely different. A new product on the market called Buckscore will allow hunters to do just that, and one company wants their hunters to know about this revolutionary product.

Plum Creek Timber Company is one of the largest private landowners in the United States, and quite possibly the largest private provider of recreational opportunities in the world. Offering hunting lease opportunities from the “Big Sky” country of Montana to the swamps of Louisiana and Florida, Plum Creek Timber Company provides land to nearly 55,000 members for hunting.

Plum Creek Timber Company wants to provide its Lease Members with useful information to increase their hunting success and enjoyment, and they do so by providing newsletters containing valuable content. They have decided to publish a piece co-authored by Jeremy Flinn, Lead Inventor and General Manager of Buckscore, and Brian Murphy, CEO of the Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA), as their featured article in the December newsletter. “The article really gives a great picture of the intense science and research that went into creating Buckscore,” states Flinn. “It was a 4 year progress involving some of the greatest minds in white-tailed deer research, and we are constantly striving to make it better.” Brian Murphy of QDMA shared his views on the unique program, “Buckscore will allow hunters to collect valuable data on deer that have yet to be harvested, which will help improve their QDM programs. We are a proud partner of Buckscore, and thank them for sharing proceeds of sales to help our R.E.A.C.H. programs.”

Look for the article in the Fall 2011 issue of Plum Creek’s “Southern Outdoors” ( For more information on Buckscore visit and QDMA visit


Buckscore is a science-based computer program that will allow hunters to score their bucks captured on digital photographs or trail cameras. The program is available for purchase at or visit your local Cabela’s store.


The Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating hunters to create better deer and better deer hunting. Visit for more details and become a member today!


Plum Creek Timber Company is based out of Washington. One of the largest private landowners in the U.S., Plum Creek provides thousands of hunters the opportunity to lease land for recreational purposes. Visit for more details.

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