November, 2011 – Wildlife Research Center, Inc. is a leader in the scent elimination and hunting scent industry.  As Wildlife Research Center continues to introduce new and innovative products, they are pleased to announce that their Super Charged Scent Killer was presented the Gold Award from Inside Archery for the 2011 Best Buy Awards.

Wildlife Research Center understands that a deer’s most powerful defense is his nose.  Deer avoid hunters countless times each year and most of the time the hunter doesn’t even know it.  After being spooked by human odor, deer may avoid the area for weeks and a mature buck may even avoid the area for more than a month!  Super Charged Scent Killer ® dramatically reduces your chance of being sniffed out, which results in more opportunity.

Super Charged Scent Killer is effective at preventing odor and stopping odor.  Super Charged Scent Killer works wet and dry and continues to work for days after drying.  The special formula works by combating odors at the molecular level.  Super Charged Scent Killer’s odorless formula kills human and other foreign odors on contact.

Inside Archery created the prestigious Best Buy Awards Program to do two things:  first – to single out and recognize products that have proven to be exceptional, and second – to help retailers clearly identify specific products which will help boost sales and profits, as well as customer satisfaction.  Every summer Inside Archery surveys a wide range of archery retailers and gathers information on which products have sold best throughout the year.  The top vote getters are honored with the Gold Award.

For more information on the entire line of scent elimination products and hunting lures from Wildlife Research Center, visit

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