Portsmouth, NH – This week on In Pursuit with Greg & Jake, with his Indiana archery season all but over, host Greg Miller pulls out all the stops – and he and his Mathews bow find sweet success on a dandy buck during the final hours of his hunt. After that, join Jake Miller as he heads to Missouri in an attempt to breathe new life into his season. Tune in Thursday at 8:30 p.m. EST and watch as the Miller guys script yet another success story in their incredible season!

Show Concept

In Pursuit with Greg & Jake follows renowned whitetail deer authority Greg Miller and his crew as they travel far and wide in search of trophy whitetails. Along with his son Jake, Greg takes viewers on an exciting journey behind the scenes, offering proven hunting tips and tactics, insights on whitetail behavior and advice on how to make the most of your precious time in the field. With cutting-edge segments, dramatic footage and valuable educational content, In Pursuit with Greg & Jake not only to entertains viewers with exciting hunting action, it also educates and provides practical information from which all hunters, veterans and beginners alike, will benefit.

Celebrating his third decade in the outdoor industry, Greg Miller continues to be a popular television host, producer, author and noted North American deer hunting expert.

Learn more at www.inpursuittv.com.

Weekly Show Lineup

Episode 23: Matt Tande hunts a trophy Minnesota 10-point; Gordon Whittington and his Thompson/Center muzzleloader spot and stalk Kansas whitetails

Episode 24: Greg hunts his home state of Wisconsin during the peak of the rut; Jake and Brach Pulver pursue a big mule deer buck with Dakota Ranch Outfitters

Episode 25: Greg gun hunts western South Dakota’s scenic river bottom country; Kyle Stae braves brutal weather during a late-season Wisconsin bowhunt

Episode 26: Jake takes his biggest buck ever with his Thompson/Center muzzleloader in Iowa; Greg drops a dandy split G2 11-point just minutes later on the same farm

Outdoor Channel Airtimes

Thursday 8:30 PM EST + 2 Additional Re-Airs

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