Portsmouth, NH – This week on Primitive Instinct, host Gregg Ritz hunts one of North America’s most majestic trophies: the mountain caribou. After a long journey to the rugged Northwest Territories, Gregg begins his quest for a velvet-racked trophy bull. Tag along with Gregg as he treks mile after grueling mile and glasses several good bulls, and eventually seals the deal with his Thompson/Center muzzleloader. Tune in to the Outdoor Channel Monday at 8:30 p.m. EST and check out this high-octane adventure hunt!

Show Concept

Primitive Instinct, hosted by professional hunter and popular television personality Gregg Ritz, ushers in a dynamic genre of documentary-style outdoor television. Filmed on location across North America, Primitive Instinct chronicles Gregg’s relentless quest for a variety of record book trophies. With emphasis on the pursuit of giant whitetails, Primitive Instinct treats viewers to epic encounters in the whitetail woods, as well as unforgettable hunts for elk, moose, sheep and other coveted big game trophies. Gregg also explores our hunting heritage, immersing himself in the rich hunting cultures of the Northeast, Midwest and other regions.

“Primitive Instinct gives me an exciting opportunity to share my experiences with other hardcore hunters and adventure seekers,” said Gregg. “It’s about so much more than record-book results. It’s about matching wits with wild and wary big game, and paying respect to not just the animals we pursue, but also the unforgiving landscapes they call home. It’s about honoring our hunting heritage. It’s about pushing yourself further than you thought possible to overcome obstacles and pursue life-altering adventure – no matter what stands in your way.”

Host Bio

Gregg Ritz is a highly respected household name in every arena of the outdoor industry. His extensive and diverse role in television has lead to success in other avenues, including personality endorsements, brand management, mergers and acquisitions, and many other industry-shaping pursuits. Gregg is one of the industry’s most accomplished hunters, with a long list of record book  accomplishments across the globe. His dedication to adventure hunting is unmatched, his technical muzzleloading expertise and passion for archery are world renowned, his scouting and land management skills are second-to-none, and his use of innovative hunting tactics has made him an authority on big game hunting worldwide.

Outdoor Channel Airtimes

Primitive Instinct airs Monday at 8:30 p.m. EST on the Outdoor Channel, with two (2) additional airings.

Learn more at www.primitiveinstincttv.com.

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