Comp-Tac Victory Gear is proud to announce the newest addition to their product line: Digital Camo Kydex! This new Kydex has the pigment of the camouflage pattern injected directly into the Kydex itself rather than being screen printed on the surface. This injection process ensures the highest quality image and a permanent pattern that will not rub or scratch off. This new Kydex is a Comp-Tac exclusive item and can only be purchased at starting December 9th, 2011.

The injected image of the digital camouflage is impervious to solvents and oils. The pattern will not deteriorate if exposed to the elements or most common household chemicals. When Comp-Tac’s founder Gregg Garrett heard about the permanency of the Kydex’s injection-printed image, he tested it out by spraying the holster down with brake cleaner. His response: “Well, that’s not working. If anything it’s just making the Kydex cleaner.” (Comp-Tac representatives also tested this out with coffee, bleach, and isopropyl rubbing alcohol to find the same results.)

Faded into the digital camouflage is “” written throughout the pattern. This print is usually not visible outside of a two foot range (there are eight “” images written throughout the Kydex on the Paddle Holster and Single Magazine Pouch in the photo above). This new Kydex option will be available for a wide range of products including our Belt Holster and Paddle Holster. Magazine Pouches, Flashlight Holders, and other accessories will also be available in this pattern. To see a full list of products offered by Comp-Tac, click here.

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