A call from Steve Hoback, Senior Training Program Coordinator for NRA’s Education & Training Department, and I was up on the sixth floor for a chance to chat with Michael Hughes, runner up for the History Channel’s Top Shot — The Gauntlet. To paraphrase Dustin Ellerman (that season’s Top Shot) from the show — Zombie Mike is back!

Mike is at NRA headquarters to discuss training opportunities, NextLevel Training (Hughes’ company)and SIRT pistols/rifles.

SIRT stands for Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger. Boiled down the basics, that means it’s a dry fire training gun (with lasers!) that helps improve shooting accuracy.

Now I haven’t been able to pull Mike aside just yet, but Hoback promised to give me a ring when they’re through with the business side of things. Then I’ll do what I can to get the scoop on the show, how it was performing with the cameras rolling, coming back from the dead, what the heck was it like to deal with Jake and anything else I can think of.

Quite the interesting turn to what started off as a glum, dreary, rainy day. Guess I’ll have to put a little something extra in Hoback’s stocking this year.

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