Brainerd, MN – Lindner Media Productions is pleased to announce the kick-off of their 2012 television season. Lindner Media continues the tradition of their tried-and-true, four-decades-old format of educating and entertaining the angling viewers with the use of cutting-edge fishing gear and methods.

Host Al Lindner continues to be the show’s anchorman. He was inducted into the IFGA (International Game and Fish Association) Hall of Fame this past October, rounding out a grand slam of major awards . . . Lindner is already a member of the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame (as a Fishing Legend and enshrined as an Educator). For his early pioneering work in Bass Tournaments, he is also a member of the Bass Fishing Hall of Fame, as well as the Minnesota Fishing Hall of Fame, again inducted as an educator. This education element is evident throughout the show.

Co-host James Lindner said, “Besides our veteran staff: Al and Ron Lindner, Dave Csanda, Rich Eckholm, Gary McEnelly, Alex Keszler, and Dan Sura; a ‘Young Guns of Angling’ contingent made up of Jeremy Smith, Troy Lindner, Dan Lindner, Mike Hehner, Nick Lindner, Jeff Gustafson and Ryan DeChaine provide a fresh and youthful quality to our programming.”

Hitting the television world with their characteristic energy, the Lindner Media gang is producing three versions of their 2012 offering for different outlets. The shows can be seen throughout North America on a variety of cable, satellite and broadcast stations as Lindner’s Angling Edge, Lindner’s Ultimate Angler and Lindner’s Fishing Edge.

This year’s line-up of shows includes a segment titled The Electric Angler that looks at the impact of modern electronic technology in angling. Another show will explore the timely subjects as invasive species and their effects.  Other segments include the world’s best bass bait and using artificial lures for catfish (a real breakthrough) – plus much, much more.

Armed with the latest television production equipment, the advanced HD format is truly stunning to view. For example, the shows signature underwater footage, filmed by Bill Lindner and Merlin Hilmoe, helps illustrate what is happening beneath the ever-mysterious veil of water better than ever in HD.  Plus, Bill’s time-lapse weather and environmental photography adds yet an additional stylish layer of detail and dimension to the show.

Show start dates are:

  • Lindner’s Angling Edge, NBC Sports (formerly Versus): 12/30/11, 12 Noon ET and 12/31/11, 10:00 AM ET
  • Lindner’s Fishing Edge, Broadcast/Fox Sports Net: 1/7/12. See local listings for more information.
  • Lindner’s Ultimate Angler, TUFF TV: See local listings for information.

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