Introducing new gun wipes, field wipes and hand sanitizer from Athletix Products by Contec, Inc. The Realtree Refreshing Wipes, Realtree Gun Wipes and Realtree Hand Sanitizer are ideal for keeping yourself and your gear clean while in the field. The product containers feature a variety of Realtree patterns and colors.




New products include:

  • Realtree Refreshing Wipes:  These field wipes feature a no-rinse formula that cleans and deodorizes and is safe for the entire body.  These field wipes are perfect if you want to feel refreshed during any hunting, camping or fishing trip or after exercise.
  • Realtree Gun Wipes: These multi-purpose gun wipes can be used to clean, lubricate and protect firearms and fishing reels. The formula is designed to loosen and remove surface grime and deliver a clean, low-friction film of lubricant.  The formula is a proprietary blend of non-hazardous and solvent-free ingredients.
  • Realtree Hand Sanitizer: This hand sanitizer boasts an alcohol-free, no-rinse foam designed to kill 99.9% of the most common germs that cause illness. The scent-free formula allows it to be used at any time during hunting and fishing trips and is also ideal after outdoor activities.

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