North Dakota waterfowl hunters are reminded that Canada goose hunting in the Missouri River Zone is open through Dec. 30, while the remainder of the state closes Dec. 22.

Mike Szymanski, waterfowl biologist for the State Game and Fish Department, said the Missouri River Zone was created in 2008 to provide additional late season hunting opportunities on migrant Canada geese. “Even in years with mild weather conditions through December, a vast majority of the Canada geese that are in the state remain in the Missouri River Zone,” Szymanski said.

North Dakota is allowed 107 days for Canada goose hunting as provided by federal framework guidelines, and Szymanski said all those days are accounted for. “Since we take the maximum, the early season in the Missouri River Zone is closed eight days earlier in September than the rest of the state,” he added. “That is why we are able to add those days on to the end of the season.”

Hunting during the early season in August and September is targeted toward Canada geese that cause depredation problems during early summer, Szymanski said, while in late December it’s about providing opportunities for hunters.

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