When faced with life or death situations, failure is not an option. And you’ll need every tactical advantage you can get to come out on top — you need the new Kryptek camo. The Kryptek Highlander camo pattern is designed for elite soldiers, sportsmen and law enforcement specialists in transitional terrain.

Camo is the critical component of success in both tactical and outdoor environments where deception and concealment can make all the difference. Tested under adverse and austere tactical environments, Kryptek’s Highlander camo was scientifically designed with the purpose of improving stealth and enhancing concealment — ultimately increasing your lethality.

“Kryptek designs incorporate proven principles of visual deception based on the mimicry of foliage, wildlife and geographic visual elements that allow you to virtually disappear in any environment,” said Butch Whiting, CEO of Kryptek Outdoor Group. “These principles have been combined with evolutionary concepts — then fused with state-of-the-art technology — to offer the ultimate in effective concealment across differing environments.”

Any camo pattern can be effective under pitch-dark conditions for predawn missions or hunts. In fact, when the lights go out, concealment is practically automatic. Kryptek’s camo is made for when your mission time extends into dawn to complete daylight and complete camouflage concealment is your best weapon to remain undetected. Kryptek camo patterns provide a tactical advantage to the operator or hunter by reducing visual acquisition through a combination of proven camouflage concepts and scientific principles that take concealment to levels other patterns simply cannot match.

Kryptek’s Highlander camo utilizes a proven, multi-directional design. This innovative and unique pattern provides effective concealment across a multitude of environments — regardless of whether the surroundings flow laterally or vertically, Kryptek Highlander camo will make you all but invisible. This is accomplished via the bi-level layering of the patterns. Kryptek camo starts with a foreground of sharp, random, geometrical shapes and incorporates a background of transitional shading to create a three-dimensional effect that promises the utmost in concealment from prying eyes at both close and long ranges.

The base components of Kryptek’s Highlander camo have been combined with colorations selected and matched based on input from extensive testing and observations from operators in the field to make Kryptek Highlander the ultimate concealment solution.

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One thought on “Kryptek Unveils New Highlander Camo Pattern

  1. dont know who this company is. Always open to learn about something new but havent heard fo these guys so ill stick with my real tree and sitka until i hear more about this stuff and learn about it. Real tree has a new pattern coming out soon i hear.

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