New Berlin, WI – Sportsman Channel, the leader in outdoor TV for the American Sportsman, announced today the premiere of 29 new shows—all of them shot and mastered in native HD—to premiere in the first quarter starting the week of December 26. The bounty of new programming is spearheaded by three Sportsman original productions: Dropped: Project Alaska, Shell Shocked! and MeatEater with Steven Rinella. Other new series include NRA’s Guns & Gold, a reality show from the National Rifle Association; and Outlanders Limited Draw, the brainchild of renowned outdoor TV star Huntley Ritter.

The network also has more than 60 returning series for a total of nearly 500 new episodes to kick off the New Year. Viewer favorites like Family Traditions with Haley Heath, Predator Quest, Easton Bowhunting, In-Fisherman, Pig Man: The Series, Muzzy Bad to the Bone Bowhunting, Savage Outdoors and Dead Dog Walkin’ are returning with all new shows starting the week of December 26. In-Fisherman begins their astounding 37th season on-air – the iconic brand is the go-to fishing expert for anything you want to catch under water.

Also new for 2012, Realtree is sponsoring “Realtree Hunting Camp Tuesdays” primetime hunting programming starting at 8 pm ET/PT.

“It’s not just about the shows – but the people we have anchoring these programs. From acclaimed author and outdoorsman Steven Rinella to Huntley Ritter to the Realtree Hunting Camp on Tuesday nights, we are the answer to the best in outdoor TV,” said Gavin Harvey, CEO of Sportsman. “Armed with our extremely talented independent production partners, along with the network breaking ground with our own original productions, Sportsman delivers the most superior programming offered on TV today across the hunt, shoot and fish categories.”

A Sample of the Brand New Shows Airing During Sportsman Channel’s Primetime Themed Programming Blocks:

MeatEater with Steven Rinella – In MeatEater, author hunter and outdoorsman Steve Rinella will walk on the wild side where cliffs, claws and the culinary art all come crashing together in one nail-biting outdoors adventure. Rinella will deconstruct and master any hunting technique; track and pursue prey; and procure his own food, which he will turn into a mouth-watering fireside meal. Far from trophy or sport hunting, Rinella stays true to our ancestral tradition of sustenance hunting- nothing he harvests goes to waste. Whether tracking black tail deer in the remote Alaskan Wilderness, or rooting out Javelina in Texas, Rinella will defer to his back-country roots, challenging himself at every corner while providing nail biting adventure along the way.

Dropped: Project Alaska – In the far reaches of remote Alaska, survival is an everyday game. Enter into the minds of outdoor TV personalities Chris & Casey Keefer as they set out to survive 28 days in Alaska’s Back Country. Each new day these brothers will pit their skills as hunters, woodsmen, and fishermen against an unforgiving and relentless landscape. Shot in a documentary style, Dropped will bring viewers face to face with the harsh reality of only being able to eat what you can kill. A true test of mind, body and soul. As they wind their way over one hundred river miles of the most perilous and game-rich country in the world, the brothers attempt to kill caribou, moose, black bear and wolf.

NRA’s Guns & Gold – NRA’S GUNS & GOLD will feature three evaluators who will take the guns and gold brought to them by NRA members and discover the features that make those items unique, learn the individual stories of each item’s owner and ultimately experience the excitement, or the disappointment, as these collectors find out what their prized possessions are worth.

Shell Shocked with Patrick Flanigan – “The Fastest Shotgun Shooter in the World” and owner of eight world-records, Patrick Flanigan, is on a mission to distance himself from the competition in the world of exhibition sharpshooting. To do so, he will travel the country and search out the masters-of-their-trade across a wide range of shooting disciplines, from cowboy-action to archery, take up arms, and determine once-and-for-all, who is the best all-around trick-shooter in the game!

Outlanders Limited Draw – An Outlander is someone who feels more at home in the wild than in a fast paced urban setting. Outlanders is about showcasing and sharing with the world many of the everyday hunters and outdoorsmen and women we never hear of or get to see. It’s about bringing you, the audience of outdoor television, into the spotlight and giving you some control over what you want to see and how you want to see it. We are here to celebrate those authentic experiences with authentic people… We are here to celebrate you.

Wyoming’s Call of the Wild – This cutting edge series will showcase the beautiful Wyoming landscape and team up with some of the best hunting and fishing outfitters and guides that the state has to offer, while introducing ‘Generation Next’ to a life in the outdoors. Call of the Wild will introduce kids to both hunting and fishing lifestyles. Whether it’s hunting for whitetail or turkey, fishing for trout, salmon or bass, or learning wilderness survival tactics, kids will find strength, confidence and have fun with hobbies and lessons that will stay with them for a lifetime.

Swarovski Optik Quest – Swarovski Optik Quests is a fast-moving big game adventure series for serious hunters who aspire to be the best – and own the best – in their quests for success in the outdoors. It’s about the passion for nature, beauty and seeing the world with the kind of crystal clarity that can only be viewed through the lenses of Swarovski optics.

Animal House Outdoors – This hilarious series is about three individual living totally different lifestyles yet sharing the same interest of hunting in the quaint Upstate New York town of Seneca Falls. Chip Spaulding, Marc Balistreri and Chad Olschewske star in the series with guest appearances by Quoff Swavo and Willy “G”. With these three unpredictable individuals taking everything they’ve learned to the extreme, you’re bound to be entertained! While their antics are hysterical and edgy they never disrespect the animals they kill. The thrill of the hunt is always in the forefront of their filming integrity.

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