Caterpillar/Kutmaster Introduces Tackle Box Fillet Knife Set


Kutmaster, a division of Utica Cutlery Company is the worldwide exclusive licensee of the Caterpillar brand of knives and cutting accessories. This unique offering incorporates 7 of the most popular items that will make your next fishing outing a complete success. Featured are two cushioned grip fillet knives in 6″ and 8″ configurations. The 8″ model features a partially serrated blade to easily cut through tough bones and thick skin. The 7″ bait knife has a fully serrated 3″ blade for making quick work of any bait cutting needs. A ceramic “cross stick” sharpener is included to keep your knives razor sharp. Also included is a 6′ tape measure along with a lightweight quick snip line clipper with hook disgorger, wrench head, file, and cutting blade. A 14″ cutting board is also supplied to insure a safe, sanitary surface to process your catch!MSRP $29.99

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