Legacy Trails Media LLC Announced



The formation of a new company is announced today by Stan and Brenda Potts of Illinois, and Terry and Tina Horton of Arkansas. The partnership is called Legacy Trails Media LLC. The multimedia corporation is a jointly owned, faith based, family focused enterprise.

Legacy Trails Media LLC will develop multiple sources of media based outreach programs designed to present outdoor activities, primarily hunting, trapping and fishing as positive influences in the American family unit.

Terry Horton, a former waterfowl guide and now successful independent business owner explains the momentum of the project, “Our hunting and fishing heritage, and stewardship of outdoor resources, is a vital part of both our families. Through Legacy Trails Media LLC we will join with the Potts family to highlight the positive aspects of these great traditions.”

Legendary hunter and well-known television host, Stan Potts had this to add, “For the past 45 years working full-time in the hunting industry has been a blessing, now it is time to begin giving back to the profession that has supported my family all these years. With Legacy Trails Media LLC we will be able to reach people with a positive message that these outdoor activities are important to the American family and the health of our outdoor resources.”

The Horton and Potts family have collaborated over the past two years in the formation and growth of their non-profit organization, the Kids Gone Hunting Foundation, Inc. The project develops DVDs of all-kids hunting, hosted by kids and distributed free to kids nationwide. For more information visit www.kidsgone hunting.com

Legacy Trails Media LLC will unveil the first phase of their projects in late January with the creation of a web site, Facebook page and full color, digital magazine. Visit www.legacytrailsmedia.com for upcoming announcements.

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