Stealth Cam Launches DRONE Wireless System


Stealth Cam, the leader in scouting camera innovation introduces the launch of the DRONE Wireless System, the next generation in scouting camera technology.

After four years in development, the DRONE system has arrived. This sophisticated cellular based wireless system allows for complete control and image monitoring from any computer – anywhere in the world.

The DRONE System consists of 3 integral components that all work in concert to deliver unparalled capabilities in remote wildlife scouting.

The Stealth Cam DRONE Camera: In development of the DRONE, the mandate was to retain the key innovative features that make up Stealth Cam. Burst mode, hi quality images, fast trigger and long battery life among a host of many features are all part of the DRONE camera. This high resolution camera boasts a 60 ft. infrared night vision range utilizing 54 IR emitters for high quality images. The addition of the high speed CAT5 communication port is what makes this Stealth Cam a DRONE.

GPS Enabled Cellular Wireless Modem : Utilizing the latest in global positioning technology & wireless data transmission, the DRONE modem is the communication portal that enables you to monitor your camera from just about anywhere.

DRONE Command Hub Website : This is where you – control everything – from the comfort of your home or office. Secure login to your DRONE camera gives you unprecedented access and control of your trail camera. The DRONE command hub access provides :

  • GPS / satelite overlay of camera locations
  • Control multiple cameras with one login
  • SMS & Email notification of image upload
  • Thumbnail preview
  • Hi Res Download
  • Pre-download image cropping
  • Configure cameras
  • Remote image delete
  • Monitor battery & memory level
  • Data plan management & status monitoring
  • Image galleries
  • Email & Social media sharing
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