St. Croix Unsheathes Series of Walleye “Dream Rods”


The last several decades of walleye fishing history have bore witness to truly prodigious progress. The rod-crafters at St. Croix have been there all along, engineering new and better tools during this era of angling enlightenment. Back when that pioneering fishing guide first back-trolled along a breakline, St. Croix was there. The day the bottom-bouncer made its original Dakota-country debut, St. Croix was on the scene. When mass schools of giant Great Lakes walleyes materialized in openwater, you know who was there arming the angling army.

When you craft the sweetest fishing sticks on the planet for three-score years, the inevitable result is just that—legendary. Straight from the epicenter of the walleye world comes a rod worthy of St. Croix’s eminent name—the Legend Tournament Walleye series; as naturally comfortable pitching jigs and minnows in the final hour of a neck-and-neck tournament as they are pulling cranks on a carefree Sunday afternoon. Legend Tournament Walleye rods aren’t just finely tuned instruments, either. They’re a prized collection of presentation-specific wands that greet you like a gentlemanly handshake – firm, confident, and honest.

Legendary tournament pros fished with St. Croix rod craftsmen, and didn’t’ leave the boat until they came to a consensus – everything was just right. The finest tournament-grade rods ever produced include twelve individually crafted, tactic-specific spinning rods, plus a gem of a trolling/back bouncing tool. The walleye pros poured in decades of gritty and wise tournament experience. St. Croix’s design and engineering team added the optimal blend of technology and art, conjuring the pinnacle of walleye wands. Founded on re-engineered SCIV graphite blanks bolstered with 3M Matrix Resin, rod strength and sensitivity approach immaculate perfection. Legend Tournament Walleye rods impeccably manage line, lures and surging fish, too, thanks to ingenious Fuji K Series Tangle-Free Concept Guides, each one inlaid with Alconite rings and polished frames to zip all line types through guides like a greased eel. Split-grip, super-grade cork handles provide the ultimate hand-to-rod relationship.

Regarding these momentous angling instruments, walleye legend Ted Takasaki proudly proclaims: “The actions of the Legend Walleye Tournament rods are perfect. Every model feels like a dream rod, like it was born to match its designated technique. Any time I’m riggin’ or deadstickin’, my 7’6” Legend “Slip-N-Rig” (LTWS76MLXF) is an easy choice. It’s incredibly versatile, too—the extra length is ideal for flinging light jigs or crankbaits long distances from the boat. Love that rod—it’s a fish catcher. And we absolutely nailed it with the Bounce-N-Troll rod (LTWC70MHM); it’s the optimal balance of weight, perfect flex for dragging a bouncer and spinner, and plenty of power to land the monsters.

“In tournaments, from boats to bait, we bring out the big guns—the best performing gear we can get our hands on. It’s why these Legend Tournament Walleye rods are always in my starting lineup.”

And you can trust Ted. The difference between winning and losing can come down to the rod. St. Croix’s Legend Walleye Tournament rods are born winners.

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