Woolrich Elite Series Expands Short Sleeve CCW Shirt Line


Woolrich Elite Series introduces three new colors and patterns to the Elite Short Sleeve CCW Shirt line. Based on Woolrich’s popular Prevailing line of shirts, this new Short Sleeve CCW is sure to be a popular addition to the armed citizen’s wardrobe.

“We look at the Elite Series as a comprehensive clothing system,” said Jerry Rinder, Woolrich Elite Series vice president. “I like to use the example of a four or five man executive protection team. Without a number of garment options, in a wide range of colors, cuts and patterns, eventually that team will wind up dressed alike. That stands out and that’s dangerous.”

Built from a modal-polyester blend, the Elite Short Sleeve CCW Shirt is a button-down casual shirt with a single chest pocket. Hook-and-loop closing side vents can be torn open to quickly access a carry firearm on the belt or inside the waistband.

A false bottom button features a magnetic closure, which the wearer can sweep open to draw from either strong-side or crossdraw holsters.

Two additional false magnetic buttons are located on the upper chest, allowing for access to shoulder rigs, holster T-shirts or belly bands.

“The traditional plaid pattern coupled with the light, comfortable fabric make this CCW shirt an outstanding choice for casual wear,” Rinder said. “The look of this shirt doesn’t stand out, but the tactical performance certainly does.”

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The Elite Short Sleeve CCW Shirt is available in three colors: clay, kelp and copen and comes in sizes XS to 3XL.

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