Video: Brownells President Introduces the Latest Competition Rifle Rest


On the floor of the 2012 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, Brownells President Pete Brownell took two minutes to explain the features of one of the newest products in the Brownells line, the competition rifle rest.

Built by Bill Gravatt and team at Sinclair International, the rest has already won many competitions. With a plethora of features, it’s ideal for long-distance competition shooters and medium- to long-range F-class shooters.

Watch the short video to hear a more in-depth explanation of the rifle rest’s features. Pete Brownell discusses the advantages of the product to long-distance competition and none-competition shooters and how the rest adjusts to your rifle.

[ohubvideo VwNTRiMzpNqqNgctCJ6vCly3zptwOUdK nolink]

About Brownells: Founded by Bob Brownell three generations ago, Brownells been providing quality gunsmithing tools, gun parts and service to the firearms industry for over 70 years. Now, Brownells is the world’s largest supplier of firearm parts, gunsmithing tools, equipment and accessories. Stocking more than 30,000 items, the company supplies armorers, gunsmiths, and shooters worldwide.

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