Uberti’s Latest Small-Bore Lever-Action the Silverboy .22LR


Uberti proudly announces the introduction of the Silverboy™-the ultimate small-bore lever-action rifle. An Italian designed, all-original lever-action firearm, based on the classic styling of the “Old West” lever-gun. The Silverboy embodies the best features of the proven lever-gun design that goes back as far as the mid-1800s, when lever-guns were chambered for pistol calibers like the .44/40 and .45 Colt. Now Uberti adds the .22 LR caliber to that illustrious list.

Uberti’s new Silverboy lever action brings a brand new twist to an old, but “tried-and-true,” design. A unique cartridge-control mechanism inside the action allows controlled-round-feed so that the gun can be fired while held at any angle-the action will cycle reliably, even when upside down.

The Silverboy is a perfect first gun for youth shooters as well as a great firearm for teaching people of all ages how to handle and shoot a rifle. In the right hands the Silverboy’s excellent accuracy makes it a great gun for varmint and small game applications. The Silverboy is also ideal for the cowboy-action shooter that wants to put in lots of shooting practice without breaking the bank buying ammunition. Pair the Silverboy with a couple of Uberti single-action Stallions in .22 LR and you’ve got a great training rig that will cost pennies on the dollar to shoot compared to a standard cowboy-action rig. This is a beautiful, great handling gun with a lot to offer both beginners and experienced marksmen.

SPECIFICATIONS: Caliber: .22 Long Rifle Barrel Length: 19″ Sights: Fixed Rear Sight; Windage-Adjustable Front Sight Metal Finish: Blued barrel; Chrome-finished Alum-Alloy Receiver Stock Material: A-Grade Walnut with Straight Grip Average Weight: 6.4 lbs. Overall Length: 36″ Length of Pull: 13.2″ MSRP: $589

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