Spring Tac Holsters Solves an Age-Old Gun Holster Problem


Springtac Holsters arrives on the scene with a truly commonsense approach to an age old problem.

Until now, if someone wanted to conceal carry a weapon with a laser sight, or tac light attached, well, they were very limited indeed

Springtac Holster has created a holster that concentrates its holding power on the weapons slide.

The slide width is about the only relatively consistent dimension on like sized weapons. With their, design multiple stainless steel springs, which are independently adjustable and sandwiched between top grain cowhide leather, allow the bottom of the holster to be open.

That feature provides incredible flexibility to accommodate almost all combinations of commonsense carry weapons and accessories of the same size class. There are 3 models to choose from which cover many, many weapon sizes. All Springtac Holsters are ambidextrous carry designed to be worn inside the waist band or under the belt for maximum security and comfort.

Standard sizes fit most service style weapons (Cop guns) Think Glock, Springfield XD & XDM, Sig, FNH, Taurus, and the list goes on. In the Standard series you also have an option for compacts, and full size weapons with a 3” and a 5” version.

Mini’s cover the popular down sized 9mm family such as the Ruger LC9 Pocket Mini’s cover most of those great pocket 380’s such as Ruger LCP Springtac Holsters design is so promising that LaserMax has recently adopted them as their go to holster for their customers that call them inquiring about a holster for their newly released Centerfire Series laser sight for Ruger’s LC9, and LCP

Consider the ability to conceal carry a laser sighted weapon, a holster that fits almost all your weapons with sights or lights, top grain leather, adjustability, a warranty the guarantees customer satisfaction, and you will find it hard to not notice Springtac Holster.

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