Get the Advantage with Advantage Hunting Blinds


Every hunter wants to have the advantage when they take to the woods. Advantage Hunting blinds give you the advantage by providing you with concealment, scent control and protection from the elements. A user-friendly design and guaranteed durability are a testimony to the advantage the hunter experiences.

Advantage Hunting’s Whitetail Blind features a heavy-duty Polyethylene black shell and interior. The through-bolt design with interlocking corners make the Whitetail Blind durable and strong enough to stand up to the wear and tear of the hunt, unlike cheap hard-sided plastic blinds that crack and fade over time or soft-sided blinds that wear out after a season of use.

Lightweight and virtually maintenance-free, this blind is convenient to use thanks to the large hinged Polycarbonate windows that flip up and out of your way. The tinted corner viewing windows provide a 360 degree view. The outside hinged door with keyed locking door handle or optional trap-door-through-the-floor makes accessing this blind a breeze. Hunt from the ground or elevated. Either way, you’ll be shielded from view as well as from the weather and bugs in the Advantage Whitetail Blind. 

The air-tight Deluxe Blind pulls in fresh air through intake ports located near the base of the blind and drafts air up and out of an exhaust pipe located over 30 feet above the ground—working much like the chimney in your home. 

The Deluxe Blind comes in a two- or four-person design. Weighing 185 pounds, this lightweight blind is virtually maintenance-free. It comes available with a locking full-size walk-in door should you choose to hunt on the ground or you can enter through a trap door on the floor when the blind is elevated. The tented polycarbonate windows installed in the Deluxe Blind allow for a 360-degree view all the while providing concealment for the hunter. The windows seal against a gasket keeping the blind scent-tight and weatherproof. The eye level vision windows flip up and out of the way when open. The blinds external olive drab color and black interior color provides you with the ultimate concealment when gun or bow hunting. 

The next time you take to the woods, make sure your spending the day in a blind made by Advantage Hunting. Once you slip inside, you’ll have “the serious hunters advantage.” 

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