Victory Announces Their New Vap Voodoo Crossbow Bolt


Victory Archery, the leader in Carbon Technology, announced its new VAP VooDoo, the most innovative, high performance bolt ever designed for the crossbow enthusiast.

Victory spokesman Tod Boretto made the announcement; “We are extremely proud to be able to offer the crossbow shooter the most advanced carbon bolt ever made available. The new VAP (Victory Armour Piercing) VooDoo Crossbow Bolt is a revolutionary, patent pending design that offers a stronger, faster bolt with unmatched accuracy and penetration.”

Boretto continued; “The VAP VooDoo starts with the ultra small diameter VAP carbon shaft that features our exclusive Rail Ryder technology that is designed so the bolt has only two contact points on the crossbow rail. This not only ensures 95% less friction than standard bolts but allows for a greater range of fletching options including more radical helical vanes for a faster, more accurate shot. The ultra small diameter of the VAP shaft is less prone to wind deflection compared to a large diameter standard crossbow bolt. We are offering three standard lengths of 20”, 22” and 24” for greater flight stability and improved accuracy. Every VAP VooDoo is outfitted with the popular AAE Max Hunter Vanes and our patented Penetrator Broadhead Adapter Insert. If you shoot a crossbow the VAP VooDoo is the only bolt you will want to shoot.”

Shooters can achieve phenomenal penetration without having to increase the bow poundage. All VAP Voodoo Bolts will come with our new innovative ICE Coating for added penetration and requires 60% less pull force to remove from a target

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