As a result of their attendance at the nation’s largest sporting goods distributor shows, Cooper Holding Corp. reported outstanding results today including increase in current sales of the Chameleon Blind and the addition of new dealer accounts and a large distributor wholesaler.

Citing strong consumer pull-through, order quantities increased from previous years from existing dealers.  The Company reported over a 50% increase in new dealer accounts and has already witnessed an increase in sales of the Chameleon Blinds as a result of their attendance at the shows.  In addition to the new dealers, the Company also signed a new large distributor wholesaler to promote the product.

“We are pleased by the strong reorders and positive feedback from established dealers which speaks to consumer satisfaction of our product and our ability to deliver. The number of new dealers opened and the new distributor on board highlights our enormous growth potential.  Our participation at the sporting goods shows was very successful and we look forward to driving revenue aggressively this year,” stated Dan Cooper, CEO of Cooper Holding Corp.

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