Sphinx, the Swiss reference in pistol manufacturing, announces the sponsorship of Swiss/Brazilian top Practical Shooting athlete Augusto “Guga” Ribas.

Guga Ribas, a top athlete of the extinguished Modified Division and one of the major promoters of Practical Shooting in Brazil,  will be using Sphinx pistols in all tournaments in both the Production and Open Divisions.

Advanced negotiations for the sponsorship of “Guga Ribas Junior Top Team” are also in progress. The project aims to join Guga’s know-how and training sessions to Sphinx’s high-level equipment in order to form new IPSC top athletes.

IPSC athletes in Brazil will also be able to have access to Sphinx pistols through Guga Ribas, which will be its representative in the Country.

Sphinx also announces the launch of a new line of accessories for sports shooters designed by Guga Ribas Company. Known worldwide for its accessories of excellence for Practical Shooting, Guga Ribas Company has built an excellent reputation among athletes of the sport. Thanks to innovative products such as GR FSH Holsters, GR-V1 Magazine Pouches and GR Soft Gun Case, among others, its name is currently a synonym for inventiveness, liveliness and search for improvement.

“I believe the companies profile is the most important aspect of this partnership. Just as we have adopted the motto A Better You, Sphinx is a company that is reinventing itself and in search of innovative solutions for its products ” said Guga Ribas. “Another determining factor for the agreement was the immediate empathy I had with the brand’s future developements and strategy. Our similar profiles brought us closer, something that will be the key for our partnership success”.

“We are proud and excited of partnering with Guga Ribas. This sponsorship not only represents the first step of our strategy to expand our brand into the competitive shooting community, but also a major component of establishing a future Sphinx Team with top Practical Shooting athletes” commented Christophe Guignard, VP sales & marketing of Sphinx.

The inventiveness and quality philosophy of both Sphinx and Guga Ribas Company will be employed in order to provide the best in equipment and accessories to shooting athletes worldwide. The new product line will be released gradually through 2012.

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