For thousands of years, greater sage-grouse have annually returned to their historic breeding grounds, called leks, and stage one of wildlife’s most magnificent and unique mating displays. Anyone who is interested in watching male grouse display their tail feathers and pop their air sacs are encouraged to sign up for a front row seat to see these iconic birds strut their stuff in hopes of attracting a mate.

Space is limited for this guided tour and reservations are required. Viewing program partners, including the tour organizer Colorado Environmental Coalition, encourage the public to visit to reserve their spot.

“Our agency will provide a viewing trailer so that people can sit inside and not disturb the grouse on the lek,” said Colorado Parks and Wildlife Watchable Wildlife Coordinator Trina Romero. “An organized tour like this is a great way to observe lekking behavior, and I highly recommend it.”

Bird watchers from across the world come to Colorado every year to watch the bird and add it to their species list. Many dedicated bird watchers consider observing this complex mating ritual in person to be one of the highlights of their lives.

“There are videos and pictures, but it doesn’t compare to watching this display live,” continued Romero. “If you are a dedicated bird watcher, this is certainly one for your life-list, but even if you are only a casual wildlife watcher, you will be in awe of this beautiful display.”

The tour dates are April 5 through April 8, and registration is required. Please visit for dates, times and further information.

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