Since 1999 the beautiful State of Vermont has been home to what is becoming one of the most exciting products on the market today, Beagle Outdoor Wear.  Not gear for your favorite rabbit running companion, Beagle Outdoor Wear, under the leadership or new owners Derek Libby and Emile Willett, is quickly becoming the latest rage in outerwear for hunters.  According to Willett; “In December of 2010, we purchased the Beagle Outdoor Wear brand, because as hunters ourselves we also fell in love with the Beagle Outdoor Wear product, and wanted to see the company grow to a leader in the industry, while maintaining its Vermont roots.”   Beagle Outdoor Wear was designed to be the next generation of wool.  The company combined the natural time tested advantages of wool fabric with the technology of today to create this highly durable, comfortable outer wear, which keeps hunters warm, dry and most importantly on stand or on the track longer.  Willett and Libby are proud of their company’s commitment to the US Made label.   “We are proud to call Beagle Outdoor Wear a US made product, and going against the trend toward off shore manufacturing is a conscious decision we made and one which we are committed to for the long term.” adds Willett,

Beagle Outdoor Wear has not only been a favorite of the everyday hunter, legendary deer hunters, the Benoits have been wearing the product for years and according to Lane Benoit in a recent Field and Stream article, he will not go in the woods without his Beagle gear.  Hal Blood, Master Maine Guide and Co-Owner of Big Woods Bucks and Co Host of the Big Woods Adventures TV show has worn the Beagle Outdoor Wear, Big Wood Bucks signature series gear in the high mountains of Montana and the deep woods of Maine, and Canada,  and finds the performance, comfort and quality of the product to be second to none.

Beagle Outdoor Wear is located in Vermont and will be coming to retail dealers throughout the US in 2012.  Visit them on line at or call 888-838-0855

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