G4S International Training, Inc. (ITI), a training company of G4S, and providers of benchmark security training programs to the U.S. Government, U.S. Military and corporate America, today officially launched the “Extreme Driving + Weapon Training: The Ultimate Adrenaline Rush” through LivingSocial Adventures. This Adventure, lasting 4 to 5 hours, allows the participant to experience the G4S ITI driving course and range time.

Participants arrive at 10:30 a.m. and are split in half with one group at the driving course while the second group is at the shooting range. The groups will switch locations halfway through the day and lunch will be served at the end of both activities.

The driving course consists of ramming, high speed backing, PIT and “J” – Turns. Once all participants have learned the maneuvers, they will be placed into a scenario that will incorporate what they have just learned. The instructor will drive the participants through the scenario for three reasons: safety, ease of time and so the students will get the dramatic effect of the vehicle maneuvers.

The range time consists of live fire range work, as well as scenario-based training at the shoot house.  Live fire range work consists of firing a total of 60 rounds and participants will fire an M4, MP5 Sub Machine Gun and a GLOCK 17. Every participant will be able to shoot 20 rounds out of each firearm at multiple targets. The shoot house consists of groups going in and “defusing” a situation, where two instructors will accompany the group to the door of the shoot house. The group will make entry into the building and participate in Force on Force encounters.

To learn more about the “Extreme Driving + Weapon Training: The Ultimate Adrenaline Rush”  and to register for this LivingSocial Adventure before time runs out, visit the  LivingSocial Adventures site.

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