The Birdmen television series is set to hit the Sportsman Channel this July with great anticipation. This series was developed with the core values of tradition, camaraderie and passion of our great hunting and shooting sports.


The Birdmen believe in the deep lying traditions that surround the great outdoors. Grandfathers, fathers, sons and daughters gathering every year just like they have for the last 100 years to take part of opening day traditions together, to pass on that knowledge and share a day in the field with those who are closest to you. Those days when you lay awake with that feeling in that pit of your stomach not knowing what sunrise will bring.


The Birdmen is not only about hunting but in turn what it means to be an outdoorsman and the lifelong friendships that are derived from being a part of the outdoor experience. When out in the field there is no more rewarding feeling than a successful hunt with your closest friends.


The Birdmen have designed this series through their love and passion for the outdoors and have the ability to portray it on every hunt. This die hard mentality is what it takes to be a birdman, to be successful in the field and be successful in every day life. This passion is what fuels us every day.

Future Fowlers:

Part of our on-going quest at The Birdmen is to organize a youth pro-staff with conservation, ethics and the outdoors in mind. The Birdmen will be filming with different future fowlers all around the country on every hunt and they will be the focus of each show. The goal of the future fowlers is to get kids involved, not just on the hunting side but the educational and conservational side as well. It is our goal to install ethics, responsibility and good moral character into every one of our members. The Birdmen want to help them become bright, productive members of our way of life in the outdoors. The future of our traditions depends of us investing time in our youth and we are leading the way by example!

Look for The Birdmen TV on Sportsman Channel starting in July during the waterfowl block.

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