A high school principal in South Carolina has removed an extensive collection of mounted African animals from the walls of his office after a small outcry from town residents.

Summerville High School Principal Buddy Chapel told the Post and Courier Monday that he had removed the hunting trophies after the school district received letters from two angry town residents.

Dorchester District 2 leaders said Chapel was told about the complaints and removed the animals without any directive from the board.

A mounted lion, several antelopes, wildebeests and other animals filled every wall in his office.

The collection of animals generated controversy after it was featured in a Jan. 19 story in the Post and Courier. Two letters urged school officials to remove the animals.

Chapel said he told students when he first came to the school last fall that if the animals offended them, he would meet with them elsewhere. He said students generally thought the collection was cool.

“They have a great time,” he said. “It’s like a big zoo for them. It hasn’t freaked any kids out that I know about.”

One of the townspeople, Alison Harvey, who was offended by the display, said she was glad to see the animals gone.

“When there are so many controversial issues that students and teachers aren’t allowed to discuss in a public school setting, why would something as controversial as this be permitted?” she said.

Marian Martin, a Charleston County teacher, wrote the second letter against the animals on display.

“What message is he sending those kids?” she said Monday. “I just thought it was outrageous that he had all of that in his office. It’s just in your face. I just don’t think it has a place in the public school setting.”

Photo: Dave Munday, Post and Courier

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8 thoughts on “High School Principal Removes Hunting Trophies from Office After Complaints

  1. I don’t think he’s crazy for shooting them . . . but he IS crazy for bringing them to work!!! I think even animals don’t want to spend eternity in after-school detention. I used to get called to the principal’s office regularly, and once I got there he and I talked about hunting until, by the time it was over, the guy had forgotten why he called me down there in the first place . . .

  2. If that’s really his office photo, then it was a little overdone on his part. I bet he wouldn’t have gotten a letter of complaint if he had only kept one or two trophies there in the first place. Shame, because I bet his office is so drab now…

  3. More pressure from the anti hunting left. A couple of women who have nothing to do with their lives but watch the soaps insert their noses in other peoples business.

  4. The animals were hunted legally. There should be no issues at all. “What is this teaching the children?”  It is teaching them that if they work hard and save their money they too can go to far away places and do cool things! What is controversial about hunting? Bring an expert into the school to teach the social studies program that sport hunting in Africa is saving wildlife and adding much needed income to the host communities.

  5. I feel he was trying to educate the folks that visited his office about animals and hunting.
    I’d of loved to have visited that room and spent hours visiting with the guy.
    I fully support the man and despise all these anti’s that don’t have anything else to
    do with their lives.
    I’d have asked the school to take a vote whether the other teachers & students felt
    offended by them and let the results be known to all. This would have been the sole
    reason for whatever actions might be taken with the heads. I’ll bet his house is FULL
    of many more. Wish him well.
    George/Pueblo, CO

  6. Well said, Goodgunguy. These 2 folks need a lesson in wildlife management and how important hunting is to preserve what is left of the wild. I would have loved to have tasted each of those animals from the campfire. As an artist, I would personally paint on that cinderblock wall each and every animal head that was removed. What controversy then? ha!

  7. What a complete and utter moron. Then of course there’s all the BS comments about conservation. Haven’t any of you clowns heard that African lion populations are plummeting, and that TWO studies have concluded the single biggest contributor is big game hunting? This ignoramus has no business being in the education system…he’s disgusting.

    And Goodgunguy you are even dumber than this guy is ‘It is teaching them that if they work hard and save their money they too can go to far away places and do cool things!’ You sound like you are 12.

    No wonder so many people hate Americans, you are a black hole of ignorance.

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