G2 Reports, Human Intelligence briefs and after action  reviews are jargon used in the military – and on Force on Force, a new series focused on tournament style fishing pitting military branches against each other, exclusively on Sportsman Channel, the leader in outdoor TV for the American Sportsman. Led by Ground Commander, Major Cody Roberson, each episode will showcase two branches of the military fight to stay in the competition using fishing rods as their weapon of choice. The new series premieres on Saturday, March 31 at 8:30 pm E/P.

“We are pleased to add Force on Force to Sportsman’s powerful armada of fishing series and personalities,” said Graig Hale, vp business development for Sportsman Channel.   “For fans of tournament fishing, can it get any more competitive and intense than Jarheads versus Squids?”

Each episode begins at the TOC (tactical operations center) with a briefing in which the teams are given their mission: catch five legal fish within six hours on Choke Canyon Lake in southern Texas. They also learn the ROE (rules of engagement), human intelligence reports and terrain analysis. What this really means is they meet their competitors and learn everything they can about their strengths and weaknesses as well as the Lake’s condition for that time of year.

“This show is set up like a platoon level operation; just like a small squad of six to 12 personnel. Everything you see on the show is exactly how we receive and carry out orders in the military,” said Major Roberson, host. “If you are associated with the military in any way, you’ll appreciate how the fishing competition is set up. The team that fails to carry out their mission is eliminated. It’s that simple—achieve mission accomplish or die tryin’ (not literally).”

But for those who are successful in their mission get to live to fight another day, and stay in the tournament. The final two teams battle it out during the series season finale in June.

“The last episode is the Championship where both teams are fishing on behalf of veterans. We wanted to show how much we appreciate their service to our country,” said Major Roberson.

The first place winner receives a Skeeter ZX170 boat with trailer and tackle. Second place wins a filmed hunt with TV show, Veteran Outdoors.

“Most fishing shows are set up showing the hosts battling fish on numerous lakes during varying times of the year. This is held on ONE lake during the same season. When you keep the factors the same, then it really becomes more about skill and your ability to adapt and overcome and make mission,” state Major Roberson.

To learn more about Force on Force, visit http://www.armybassanglers.com/television/index.html If you think you have what it takes to go head-to-head and represent your branch of service, then visit www.armybassanglers.com and join the Coalition Pro Staff or Task Force for your chance to be on Force on Force—HOOAH!

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