Pig Man: The Series is going back – back to Big Johnson Outfitters in search of ‘monster’ bucks and more! Sportsman Channel, the leader in outdoor TV for the American Sportsman, brings viewers on a up and down journey on Pig Man: The Series through the brush of west Texas in search of big bucks, aoudad, turkey’s and other wild game. Follow Pigman’s journey as he glasses the landscape for the ultimate trophy and introduce gun deer hunting to his friend and veteran hunter, Jess Moats. You can watch this rollercoaster ride of action on Sunday, March 25 at 10 p.m. EST.

The mature deer movement on day one was somewhat sparse, however; Pig Man’s luck drastically changes on day two. After watching the deer slowly emerged, the perfect shot presented itself as a mature buck came into bow range. The whitetail finally turned broadside and Pig Man went into full draw with his bow and did NOT miss his target.

Pig Man’s attention quickly turned to his friend Jess Motes and his quest for his deer harvested with a rifle. Motes is an accomplished bow hunter, however has NEVER harvested a deer with a gun – this was about to change! On the final day, the pressure was on to harvest a whitetail. Patience is a virtue and it certainly paid dividends for Motes as he located and mature buck and made some personal history with his first gun-deer harvest. Not only did he tag a buck, but he also took a coyote for good measure.

“My sole intent on this hunt was to help Jess harvest a nice mature buck, said Brian “Pigman” Quaca, Host of Pig Man: The Series. “Jess came in all the way from Illinois and I wanted to show him what Texas hunting is all about. He’s set all kinds of bow hunting records, but has never taken a deer with a rifle. I was extremely proud to see his personal achievement take place on Texas soil.”

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