In addition to commercial overfishing, the use of fossil fuels creates a significant threat to aquatic life. Fossil fuels generate greenhouse gasses that destroy the ozone layer, which results in global warming and meteorological anomalies. Drying, floods and oxidation of waters are threatening the wellbeing of both human beings and fish species. On the other hand, environmental issues have become a hot topic in politics and business while science is developing new applications for renewable energy sources.

Known for its legendary lures, Rapala is approaching the environment with the new Eco Wear Reflection waders. Renewable energy is harnessed in their production technique. DuPont Cerenol Polyol technology is based on DuPont’s proprietary family of polyether polyols that are manufactured in a sustainable process using an ingredient derived from agricultural feedstock. DuPont Cerenol technology is applied as a part of the Eco Wear Reflection Waders’ manufacturing process where the fabric is given its outstanding waterproof and breathable qualities with 30% smaller fossil energy use and 35% smaller greenhouse gas emissions. The waders are packaged in a recyclable carton.

Apart from the eco-friendly construction, Rapala Eco Wear Reflection Waders feature a new design protected pattern that mimics natural underwater light reflections, thus acting as an aquatic camouflage and helping the wearer to blend into the subsurface environment. Thanks to the asymmetry of the pattern, there are no two pairs of Reflection waders that are exactly alike. This little detail reflects the unique and at the same time heterogeneous characteristics of the nature.

Environmental thinking should be a top priority for all of us, especially for the fishermen. There’s only one way to guarantee the continuation of fishing: the well-being of aquatic life.

Needless to say, Rapala is not saving the planet with Eco Wear. It points out, however, that each consumer can contribute to something we all depend on. Green technology, uncompromised quality and ground-breaking design. Those are the fundamentals embodied in more and more Rapala apparel in the growing Eco Wear family.

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