Anti-fishing groups are determined to further restrict lead fishing tackle. Your action is needed to stop the burdensome and unwarranted fishing tackle legislation from moving closer to passage!

Act Now!

KeepAmericaFishing needs your help to protect your right to fish in New Hampshire. On Wednesday, March 28, the New Hampshire Senate is expected to vote on legislation to expand current restrictions on the use of lead sinkers and jigs. If this unjustified bill passes the Senate, it may then move to the House of Representatives for further consideration.

It is critical that anglers take action now to ensure that this lead ban legislation is not adopted.

The Situation

In January, the New Hampshire State Senate introduced legislation (SB 224) to expand current restrictions on the use of lead sinkers and jigs in state waters. A recent amendment, supported by loon preservation advocates and lake owners, further expands the proposed ban by prohibiting the use of any lead jig measuring 2.5 inches or less. Current regulations banning the use of lead jigs measuring one inch or less are already onerous enough and have impacted the ability of New Hampshire’s anglers to enjoy the sport. As this bill moves closer to passage, it is more important than ever that New Hampshire’s state policy makers hear from YOU.

There is no scientific data to support the original ban of certain lead tackle products, much less the proposed expansion of that ban. In addition, SB 224 is so poorly written it is not clear whether it seeks to ban sinkers and jigs or any fishing lure weighted with lead measuring 2.5 inches or less. This could mean virtually all small fishing lures, including flies.

Fishing tackle made from alternatives to lead can be much more expensive and may not perform as well. If anglers don’t act soon, the cost of fishing in New Hampshire may soon become unaffordable for many anglers.

Click here to to send a message to your state legislators expressing your opposition to this scientifically and biologically unjustified fishing tackle ban.

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