Titan UTV, the leading manufacturer of 4×4 utility vehicles, is excited to announce it has teamed up with Pig Man: The Series, airing on the Sportsman Channel, for 2012. The Pig Man himself, Brian Quaca, along with his loyal crew, will be putting Titan UTV’s through their paces as they travel the nation in search of wild hogs and a host of other outdoor adventures.

“Titan UTVs are assembled within 100 miles of my back porch so it only makes sense for me to pick a vehicle built in the state with the largest hog population,” said Quaca.  “Texas is a major proving grounds for all off-road and utility vehicles – period, and we put them to the test day-in and day-out on our ranches.  It’s a simple formula; if you want a monster that eats golf carts for breakfast, get a Titan.”

This season, The Pig Man will be one of the first to get his hands on the new Titan Explorer Series.  Built tough as nails, the new Explorer is made to take on the worst Mother Nature can dish out.  Featuring an armor-like steel body, 4-wheel independent suspension and 4-wheel disc brakes, switchable 4×4, front and rear cargo beds, and powerful 500cc fuel injected engine – this is one UTV with the guts to go anywhere.

Put as only The Pig Man can, Quaca added, “Titan’s new Explorer Series is what I refer to as an ‘Indestructible Hog Extracting Machine’. They’re modeled after a Hummer, built like a tank, and those who watch my show know that we aren’t scared to bulldoze an entire woods to get to a hog…it’s just the way it is.”

With unprecedented focus and determination, Titan has quickly become a company of “firsts”  -FIRST in the industry to offer a 4-wheel independent suspension AND 4-wheel hydraulic disc brakes.  FIRST in the industry to offer a full-size 100% electric UTV; FIRST to develop the innovative Hybrid Drive System;  And now, for 2012, FIRST to introduce a class-leading 1100 cc UTV – a powerhouse by anyone’s standards.

“Titan has a lot to talk about this year,” said Shane Wilson, owner of Titan UTV.  “We like to say ‘we have no fear to be first,’ and the originality of Pig Man: The Series, and the unbridled personality of Brian Quaca, himself, fits right into that philosophy of being creative, innovative – and a first.”

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