Thanks to NRA Training Counselor Linn Laage for the following report and photo from the 2011 BSA Venturing Muzzleloading Rifle National Championship Postal Match, which was open to all Venture Scouts and Crews.

East Bethel, Minnesota – The Northern Star Council Ventures swept the 2011 BSA Venturing Muzzleloading Rifle National Championship Postal Match. The cold Minnesota weather was no problem for these hearty Ventures. The match was held on December 27, 2011 at Beaverbrook Tri-County Sportsmen’s Club in East Bethel. The match consisted of five shots at a six-inch target with the “10” ring only one inch in diameter.

The Ventures shot at this small target at a distance of 25 yards from the standing position. After examining all the targets submitted to the NRA, Cody Fallin of Crew 613 was declared the National Champion. He was closely followed by Haley Bennington, Reyhan Kaygisiz and Ayhan Kaygisiz of Crew 204. Beaverbrook generously provided ranges for the match and practice days. NRA Training Counselors Dave Roehler and Linn Laage organized the training program and match.

NRA Postal Matches are held year-round and offer all shooters a chance to participate in national-level matches from the comfort of their home range. Shooters complete the prescribed course of fire and like the name implies, submit targets via mail to NRA Headquarters for scoring and review. Postal matches are held in a variety of disciplines and many are open to all shooters. Some however are for women, juniors, or certain groups such as NRA Youth Cooperative Organizations. For more information, check out the Postal Match website or send an email to

photo: NRA Blog

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