Pyramyd Air, the world’s largest online airgun retailer, has finally bowed to ongoing public pressure regarding the spelling of its name.

Pyramyd Air was started by Joshua Ungier almost 20 years ago. Mr. Ungier’s desire to use a unique spelling for his company’s name was never a problem until the advent of the internet. The unique spelling meant prospective customers couldn’t find Pyramyd Air’s website because it had too many Y’s in it, leading some to seek out other retailers with domain names they could actually spell.

Beginning April 1, the company’s name will have only one “Y” in it and will henceforth be known as Piramid Ayr. While the website logo has already been changed, the domain name and other changes on the website will transition to the new spelling over the next 30 days.

The company offers a 5% discount coupon code to customers who email them with a bug or incorrect information on their retail site. President Val Gamerman stated, “We receive a significant number of emails from customers seeking a 5% coupon code for pointing out that our name has too many Y’s in it. The employees who respond to these emails were demoralized from the burden of answering them, so changing the spelling was the path of least resistance.”

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