Rage Outdoors, LLC, the manufacturer and marketer of innovative, industry-leading archery brands including Rage Broadheads and Nockturnal lighted nocks has introduced the new patent-pending Rage Cage Quiver. The Rage Cage is a compact, low-profile and ultra-lightweight quiver that was designed specifically to securely hold five arrows equipped with Rage and other mechanical broadheads.

Weighing in at only 8 oz., the Rage Cage is constructed of extremely strong yet lightweight materials such as advanced polymers and extruded aluminum. The Rage Cage is securely mounted to your bow by way of the ingenious SnapTrap™ tension-adjustable snap-on design. This unique system incorporates a pair of rubber vibration-dampening posts to completely isolate the quiver from the bow. Installation and removal requires a simple and silent twist of the Rage Cage to lock or unlock it.

The carbon-fiber-dipped polymer hood fully encapsulates and protects your mechanical broadheads, while the see-through Flexiglass™ Shield allows you to see what’s under the hood for visual confirmation of the condition of your broadheads. The new TwistLock™ broadhead securing system inside the hood holds your broadheads snug inside specially designed foam inserts that prevent rattling or prematurely deployed blades. Simply insert your broadhead into the TwistLock, and give your arrow shaft a quick twist, and the broadhead is held in place. A braided nylon string is attached to the hood, allowing it to be hung easily in your treestand.

Each of the Rage Cage’s arrow retainers is stepped and tapered in a dual “fits-all” configuration that allows the retainers to securely hold even the smallest-diameter VAP carbon shafts up to the largest aluminum shafts.

The new Rage Cage Quiver is available now at archery shops and sporting-goods dealers at a suggested retail price of $59.95.

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