NRA Days help families find fun at the range

Are you going stir crazy after a long winter? Feeling like you need to get yourself and the family outside to enjoy the fresh air an exciting new activity? Sounds like you’ve got a case of Spring Fever. But don’t worry, because we’ve got your cure – NRA Day.

Each spring, thousands of people load their children in the car, make the drive to an amusement park, and spend the day fighting the crowds and wasting their hard-earned money. Instead of walking miles through an amusement park, why not join the thousands of people who attend an NRA Day event each year and enjoy a fun-filled day learning a new skill such as shooting?

NRA Day events are happening all across the country at local clubs and ranges. Designed to introduce people to the fun and excitment of the shooting sports, an NRA Day event is the perfect opportunity to get out of the house and try something new. NRA Day events are themed and can range from competitive shooting, to hunting, to firearms training and much more. NRA Day volunteers are on hand at events to help you learn the ropes and all equipment is usually provided. Better yet, many NRA Day events are free or charge a nominal fee to cover supplies such as targets and ammunition.

So this spring, don’t throw your money away at expensive amusement parks and spend your day waiting in long lines. Check out the NRA Day program website to learn more and to find an event in your area. Want to start your own NRA Day? NRA’s Youth Programs Department has everything you need to get started. Just send an email to for more information!

photo: NRA Blog

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