has recently launched, a website that helps landowners and hunters create successful food plots.

MFP’s unique Food Plot Search allows anyone to select the correct food plot blend for their specific soil conditions, needs and wants.   By simply selecting options like annual or perennial, what the soil type and drainage is, and if they have the right equipment to plant and maintain,  MFP’s search quickly narrows down the seed options from the industry’s leading food plot companies such as Whitetail Institute, Mossy Oak BioLogic, Tecomate and Frigid Forage.

In the coming weeks, will be adding:

  • All Food Plot companies and their blends
  • New column for “Minimum Sunshine”
  • Ability to narrow down the food plot blends for different game (Deer, Turkey, Waterfowl, Upland)
  • List all seeds that make up each blend
  • List of all herbicides that is possible to use for each blend
  • Ability to customize and save searches

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