The Department of Natural Resources would like to make anglers aware that Alabama rigs (also known as “umbrella” rigs) are legal to use in Michigan.

The Alabama rig is typically used for fishing bass, walleye and other popular species. It consists of a wire harness sporting five (5) arms to which lures or baits can be attached and a center line-tie. When in the water, the rig resembles a small school of fish on which these bigger species tend to prey.

According to the Natural Resources and Environment Act 451 of 1994, which summarizes fishing devices, lines, hooks and other fishing equipment, these rigs are legal as long as the number of hooks does not exceed six.

As stated, “A person shall not use more than three (3) single lines or three (3) single rods and lines, or a single line and a single rod and line, and shall not attach more than six (6) hooks on all lines.”

The five (5) arms of an Alabama rig would mean any angler using it can only use one (1) additional hook and line to remain within the legal limit.

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