Watching films and looking at photos doesn’t do whales any justice, so why not travel to the wild and watch these gentle giants move on a summer holiday organized by Quintessentialy Travel.

Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA

This has been a summer tourist spot for years, where one can relax on the beach, play at an amusement park and even watch whales in their natural habitat. Staying in New York? Cape Cod is only a short drive away where it is then possible to travel out to sea to view humpbacks, finbacks and the endangered North Atlantic right whale.

Where to Stay: Mandarin Oriental New York

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Perfect for relaxing in the sun or rocking out the night, Cab San Lucas is also home to gray whales. This is also a very romantic destination to venture too for whale watching, where couples can whale watch at sunset while sipping champagne. Take a charter boat and see them up close and personal!

Where to Stay: Capella Pedregal

Vancouver, Canada

The Vancouver area is lucky enough to be the watery home for more than just the local orcas. These massive mammals can be seen swimming, breaching and playing in the water, and on some days there may be nearly 100, making this area one of the best whale watching spots in the world.

Where to Stay: Shangri-La Vancouver

Santa Barbara, California, USA

When one isn’t soaking up the city’s rich urban landscape or enjoying the beach, one should make it a key point to follow the migration routes of several distinct varieties of whales! See blue whales, minke whales and humpbacks while soaking up the sun on the beach.

Where to Stay: Chateau Marmont, Hollywood

Hermanus, South Africa

There’s no need to stretch people’s sea legs to glimpse a spout in Hermanus – hands down the best shore-based whale watching opportunity in the world. It is the perfect perch to gaze a whales frolicking in the open waters – complete with telescopes, benches and informal plaques.

Where to Stay: Grootbos Private Nature Reserve

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